diapason.core — diapason core logic

Core diapason code.

diapason.core.generate_wav(frequency, duration, rate=44100)

Generate a WAV file reproducing a sound at a given frequency.


frequency : float

Frequency, in hertzs, of the sound.

duration : float

Duration of the sound.

rate : int

Sample rate.



The in-memory WAV file.

diapason.core.note_frequency(note, sharp=0, flat=0, octave=4, scientific=False)

Returns the frequency (in hertzs) associated to a given note.

All the frequencies are based on the standard concert pitch or standard piano key frequencies, meaning that A4 (using scientific picth notation) is at 440 hertzs.


note : string

Note to calculate the associated frequency from. Valid notes are characters from A to G.

octave : int

Octave position. Middle C and A440 being in the 4th octave.

sharp : int

Return a frequency higher in pitch by sharp semitones.

flat : int

Return a frequency lower in pitch by flat semitones.

scientific : bool

Use scientific pitch instead: C4 is set to 256 Hz.



The frequency (in hertzs) associated to the given note.